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Vertically aligned global design and manufacturing solutions for leading retailers of personal care products.

Shummi US offers private labeling and custom specifications for a broad range of consumer personal care products. We continue to search across the globe for the best innovations and features.

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Contract Manufacturing

Shummi US offers contract manufacturing for consumer personal care products. With a global supply chain network and deep industry expertise needed to meet your specific requirements, we can implement manufacturing models to help reduce your time-to-market while increasing resiliency and profitability.

R&D Laboratory Worker

Research & Development

Our R&D teams are skilled in a wide range of techniques and materials, including plastic injection molding and metal fabrication. We can partner with your team to translate your rough concepts or existing products into refined designs with high-quality output and optimized manufacturing.

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Shummi US can help you maintain your commitment to sustainability. Our team has broad experience in designing and manufacturing products that minimize environmental impacts, from sourcing raw materials, to extended product life cycles, to responsible disposal.

Your Private Label Partner in Design and Manufacturing

As a full-service private label partner to major brands, Shummi US provides R&D, design, prototyping, and mass production services. We produce a broad range of personal care products, deliver high yields and quality, and continue to search for innovative product features. Combine your ideas with our expertise to maximize your chances at a successful product launch.

Work with Shummi US to uphold your commitment to consumers.

Turn to Shummi US as your fully integrated contract manufacturing partner. We’ll be with you all the way, from concept to shipment.

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