Shummi US can help you honor your pledge to the health of our planet.

Ecologic, economic, and social considerations are the foundation of Shummi US’ commitment to sustainability. We take a balanced approach to responsible guardianship as we continue to explore new ways to uphold our promise.

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Economic Sustainability

Shummi US follows a broad set of principles to achieve economic growth without the trade-offs of environmental harm. We are committed to employing operational systems that reduce the consumption of natural resources (such as implementing solar technologies in our manufacturing sites) to preserve our planet for future generations.

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Social Sustainability

Human rights is the cornerstone of Shummi US’ values. We believe it is vital to proactively manage the social impacts of our business as it pertains to our employees, our customers, and the local community. We are doing our part to be diligent as we strive to make a positive impact on human rights, public policy, and inclusivity. We also support nonprofit organizations that share these values via financial or product donations.

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Ecologic Sustainability

The environmental footprint of our manufacturing processes is a top priority as we endeavor to ensure that waste disposal is handled responsibly. Shummi US continually seeks to make decisions that are both strategically and environmentally sound.

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Society and Environment

We at Shummi US feel a strong obligation towards social responsibility, resource management, and technological advancement. We understand that environmental management is a part of the improvement and are ISO 14000-certified for systematizing and [SA1] improving our environmental management efforts.

Let’s work together to support ecological, human, and economic health.