Contract Manufacturing Services

Shummi US invests in our manufacturing and operations to ensure high quality, quick turnarounds, reliability, and cost effectiveness.

We offer best-in-class contract manufacturing technologies to build brand loyalty and fuel business growth.

We maintain our leading-edge manufacturing with advanced automation to provide our customers with competitive advantages.

Contract Manufacturing Capabilities

At Shummi US, we never sacrifice the quality of our products even as we innovate and explore new avenues. Our products meet and exceed consumer needs because we collaborate with our business partners at all stages. These relationships push us to make challenging new innovations in our production and manufacturing.

Shummi US services include consultation, development, prototyping, production, packaging, and logistics. Our in-house tooling center provides our customers with a total manufacturing solution, including conceptualization; product design; 3D modeling; mold design, flow analysis, and creation; validation; testing; and manufacturing.

  • Injection Molding

  • Dual-Injection Molding

  • Ultrasonic Welding

  • CNC Treading

  • Silk-Screening / Pad Printing / Foil Stamping

  • Heat Sealing

ISO-9001, ISO-13485, ISO-14001 and GMP Certification Logos

Major retailers and brands trust Shummi US to design and manufacture their premium personal care products.

A Firm Commitment to Sustainability

At Shummi US, creating a better life together is our mission as a responsible enterprise. Our team works hard to help future generations through sustainable development. We avoid environmentally hazardous agents and strive to minimize waste and emissions.

Your brand deserves no less than top-tier manufacturing that consistently delivers what your consumers have come to expect.