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Our retailer successes are built on quality, transparency, reliability, and competitive pricing.

Shummi has been recognized as a global strategic partner by leading personal care brands for decades.

Shummi US provides fully integrated R&D, design, prototyping, and mass-manufacturing solutions tailored to the needs of our retail partners. We’ve invested decades into growing our in-house expertise, expanding our facilities, and building deep industry relationships to meet the stringent needs of both retailers and consumers. Our teams are on the ground in manufacturing plants and warehouses, ensuring that your products are built to spec, meet your quality standards, and delivered on time.

Core Competencies

Shummi US’ core competencies include research & development, design, manufacturing, and warehousing of premium personal care products. Our commitment is to provide reliable personal care products for brands that are trusted by consumers to deliver reliable, innovative, and high-quality goods.

Turnkey Services

Shummi US is a reliable turnkey partner in the design, production, and delivery of personal care products. Our established expertise enables us to take your ideas and turn them into reality, from consultation to design, then from manufacturing to delivery. Major brands trust our team’s professional know-how and market savviness as they invest in new opportunities to grow their market shares.

Strategic Brand Partnerships

Shummi US is recognized by global leading personal care brands as a strategic partner with continuous dedication and investment in R&D, manufacturing, and operational excellence. Our partners rely on us to uphold their promise of delivering high-quality products to their consumers that reinforce brand loyalty.

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